• Up for a challenge?

    Up for a challenge?

    The staff at Physiquipe Clinics are running the Liverpool Rock’N’Roll Half Marathon in May 2016 and we’ve all been starting light running in preparation for the Half Marathon plan. We’ve set our times on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill on 5km, 10km and 1mile times. These times will be bettered as we do long runs, interval

  • Training for a range of fitness levels

    Training for a range of fitness levels

      As mentioned in our last newsletter the Physiquipe Team are running a Half Marathon. As we’re all from different sporting backgrounds we all have different levels of fitness, so we will all run our training slightly differently. My sporting background is very broad. My main sports outside of school were Athletics and Dancing. I

  • Half marathon training…in progress!

    Half marathon training…in progress!

    As mentioned in last months newsletter, the Physiquipe staff will be running a half marathon next year, that’s 13.1 miles of racing around the streets of Liverpool! Similar to most people who set team challenges, we’re all from completely different sporting backgrounds and all have different fitness levels. We’re all using the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

  • Combatting Doms

    Combatting Doms

    April saw the Manchester & London Marathon’s, and the Manchester 10km, and it is safe to say we have seen some very tired and achy legs in the clinic! One of our clients, Chris, ran his very first Marathon in London in a very respectful time of 4hrs 55mins! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Chris on his

  • PhysioTouch Case Study – Mortons Neuroma

    Our patient: 64 year old male The patients suffered an impact injury at work over 20 years ago. This caused the tendons over the top of the foot to go slack, leading to the toes splitting. A Neuroma has developed between the second and third toe – typically called Morton’s neuroma. Before Before A large pitting


    In the world of sport and physical activity you hear a lot about “the role of the glutes”. You may hear your Physiotherapist / Sports Therapist telling you they are inactive and you therefore need to strengthen them or your Personal Trainer is making you squat like there is no tomorrow? Read on to find

  • New Year, New Start…?

    At the start of the New Year people make ‘New Year Resolutions’, which might include ‘lose weight’, ‘eat healthier’, ‘not to drink alcohol’, ‘join a gym’ or ‘not eat junk food’! But I think that ‘resolutions’ should be changed to ‘aims and goals’ of the year rather than an ‘resolution’ that can seem unachievable in

  • Over 50% Adults are Overweight or Obese – TIME FOR ACTION

    Have a look at our data viz below – some interesting but SCARY facts about the UK population: The number of overweight people has remained relatively static over the last 20 years However Obesity and Morbid Obesity is growing steadily In 2010 62.8% of Adult were classified as Obese or overweight! So the question is,

  • AlterG Triathlon Seminar

    We are delighted to announce our first AlterG seminar for triathletes. This seminar, run in conjunction with My Triathlon, will show you how amateur and professional athletes use The AlterG  for prehabilitation, conditioning and rehabilitation & how you can do the same. Now you can look forward to training, without the pain….! Click here for more

  • #gettingstronger – A star is born

    #gettingstronger – A star is born

    Physiquipe’s latest high profile client needs to get stronger for some of the physical challenges he regularly test his body with. We put him through his paces, testing neck strength, advanced physical movements and intense running…and then send him out into the big wide world of Manchester on a Saturday evening. WATCH WHAT UNFOLDS HERE….