• Athletic Screening

    Remove the guess work from your training



    We are one of the very few private centres in the UK to have the BTE PrimusRS. This equipment is used by the US Olympic team (amongst other elite sports teams) to assess and rehabilitate their athletes so that they are in peak condition when they compete, and we are now able to offer the same service! The PrimusRS allows us to collect objective, quantifiable data for both functional and isolated movements, so we will be able to identify any potential power or fatigue weaknesses or inbalances specific for the activity you participate in. You will be given a comprehensive report illustrating the areas you need to work on. We can then advise on the best course of action for both rehabilitation and performance enhancement. You can then book in for your re test to see how you have improved.

    The Primus allows us to test virtually any movement, so we offer a free consultation with one of our clinical team to establish what assessment would be most beneficial to you. Whether you are an elite athlete or trying to prepare for your first triathlon or 5KM race, this will help you.

    To book your FREE consultation contact us on 0161 300 5591 or clinic@physiquipe.com.

    If you have a coach or physio, they are very welcome to attend as well.


    • Identify potential areas of injury
    • Accurate baseline testing
    • Accurate and precise rehabilitation
    • Performance enhancement
    • Report & Action plan (see below)

    Pricing Plan

    • Initial consultation
    • Primus assessment
    • Primus retest
    • 60 min training session
    • Bespoke assessment & training packages
      Upon request