• Scarring & Post Op


    Scars are often regarded as something you have to ‘live with’ – not anymore! That scar you have from your:

    • knee op
    • appendicitis removal
    • hernia repair
    • caesarean
    • cosmetic surgery

    and any other procedure can be treated! Not just scars from operative procedures, that scar from when you fell out of the tree or had an accident at work can be treated as well.

    Scar tissue can have an impact on other parts of your body (eg a scar on your knee can lead to back pain), so it is really important to remove it as quickly as possible.

    PhysioTouch can drastically diminish the appearance of scars and reduce the feelings of tightness and pain by its revolutionary method. Negative pressure lifts the skin in a PAIN FREE manner and helps ‘grab hold’ and break down the scar tissue in the area.

    We treat scars that are old and new, so:

    • if you have just come out of surgery and have been discharged from hospital with no aftercare service
    • have that old (even 30 years ago) scar that is still causing you problems



    • Reduce pain & tension from your scar
    • Release tightness
    • Reduce swelling & inflammation
    • Make scar less visable
    • Prevent future injuries
    • Speed up receovery

    Pricing Plan

    • 45 minute assessment
    • 30 minute treatment
    • 5 x 30 minute treatment