Highway To Healing

PhysioTouch is a revolutionary new device that is widely used in Europe, and has just hit the USA. The system enhances the efficiency of the lymphatic system by creating a negative pressure in the treatment head, stimulating lymph flow. The result of this is a rapid acceleration of the healing process.

This device helps to speed up recovery from injury, and muscle fatigue. It is currently used by the Finnish FA,  Olympic team, Johns Hopkins Hospital and numerous other clinical centres for a wide variety of conditions. It produces immediate results, and helps speed up treatment times, whilst be far more effective than manual therapy.

In the lymphatic system the lymph fluids circulate from the areas of higher pressure towards areas of lower pressure. The skin and the underlying tissue are expanded by the effect of negative pressure. As the tissue expands, flaps in the lymph capillaries open up allowing lymph fluids in the interstitial space to flow into capillaries. The strecthing causes the walls of the lymphatic vessels to activate their natural pumping function which accelerates the lymph flow, and reduces the oedema. Treatment based on negative pressure is known to enliven metabolism and stimulate blood circulation, too.

“We’ve been working with the PhysioTouch system for our lymphedema and post-surgical population for several months and are having absolutely incredible results.”
Ken Johnson, Physio manager, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Efficient treatment of post-operative swelling accelerates the healing process, relieves pain, increases mobility, and reduces the formation of fibrotic tissue.


  • Post operative and post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Muscle Maintenance
  • Fibrosis and scars
  • Lymphoedema